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Ships for sale or ships acquired,
repaired & sold.



UK Homes or Greek Holiday Homes For Rent or Under Construction



Buildings Constructed or Buildings Under Construction

We are a group of people that finds opportunities in the maritime and property sectors only. These opportunities are developed into business projects. 

We do not have at present a particular country that we focus our attention. However, in the past, we have developed property projects in the UK, the USA and Greece and maritime projects in Belgium, the UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Egypt and China.
We have bought land, obtained planning permissions and built apartments for rent or sale. We have bought apartments and buildings which we renovated and subsequently sold or rented. 
We have bought ships which we repaired and renovated and then chartered and sold. 

We would like to keep a low profile. This web site helps us to keep in touch with our agents and brokers worldwide who promote the sale or rental of our properties and ships. 
The web site will be updated as the need arises. 

At present we have a number of ships for sale, and apartments in London and in Athens available either for rent or for sale. We also have holiday houses in Greece which are available for rent.

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